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Pfister Kitchen Faucet Hose Replacement

This pfister kitchen faucet hose replacement is perfect for those who have lost their original hose to water damage. It's a standard product for the 526 model and comes with a warranty.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet Replacement Hose

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How To Replace Pfister Kitchen Faucet Hose

This how to replace pfister kitchen faucet hose guide will show you how to replace the hose on your pfister 951026e side sprayer. our price for this pfister 9510740 hose replacement part is $2. Weells ems has it in stock and will be available for purchase immediately. We recommend against purchasing this pfister 9510740 hose replacement part until weells ems has it in stock. this is a great value for your money and will make your pull out kitchen faucets look better than ever before. With the help of this hose, you can now achieve a better look without any hassle. introducing the new pfister sprayhead 951-259. This faucet has a chrome 7th design with a black base. It has a white handle and a black drill kit. The faucet can now be with your kitchen in a few short steps.