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Eljer Kitchen Faucets

We carry a variety of brass craft faucets from eljer, we offer cold stem faucets for shoppers with average to high stress levels. Our faucet range includes a variety of shapes and sizes, they are all first-class for any home baker or cook.

Valley, Eljer Tub & Shower Handles with Adapter

Valley, Eljer Tub & Shower

By Valley Generic


Brass Craft #SK0116 Eljer Tub Repair Kit,No SK0116,  Brass Craft Service Parts

Brass Craft #SK0116 Eljer Tub

By Brass Craft Service Parts


Best Eljer Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen faucets come with a single-lever cartridge, which means they don't need to be rewritten every time the door is closed, these faucets are in color pewter and have a clean look that will make you feel at home. The Eljer kitchen faucets by danco are the best quality and style, they are versatile and will provide good performance when used in a variety of painting and faucet applications. The Eljer kitchen faucets by danco are made of durable materials that will long last, the Eljer kitchen faucets are outstanding for a modern kitchen. With the handle and shiplap finish, they are designed to look like quality items, the faucets have a chrome finish and a leaved handle. They are also well-made, with a high quality weight and feel, the faucets have a handle and fob, and are available in an 2-hand handle and a handle with a fob. The valley Eljer kitchen faucets with adapter are sterling surrogate to keep your kitchen wanting new! With our facile to operate handles and the addition of our you can change the look of your faucet just what you need to, plus, the makes it facile to get a fantastic fit.